Are you ready to leap in 2019? 

If you're ready to write a better story for yourself this year — infusing your life & work with more meaning — we’ll show you how!

Mark your calendar for this FREE webinar on Thursday, January 17 at 1:00 pm ET.

Every journey begins with Answering the Call, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn to do.

I’m honored to be hosting this with the effervescent Lara Zielin, a published young-adult and romance author. Her life changed completely when she started asking herself the same questions she would ask her characters — “What would make this person happy? What is a satisfying ending for them?” — and using the power of words to write a better story for herself. Today, she is the Captain of “Let’s Do This” at her business, Author Your Life, where she teaches others how to become the main character in their own real-life adventure.

If Lara changed everything by asking herself the same questions as her characters, you can too!

In our hour together, you’ll receive hands-on solutions to understand what your heart is calling you to do and where to start. We'll laugh, one of us will likely laugh-cry, and you'll be further along than if you tried to figure out 2019 all by yourself!


We’re Here to Give You Hands-On Help

Answering the Call means knowing what you want, why you want it, and believing in yourself more than ever before. In this webinar, you’ll receive practical steps for:

  • Clarifying your Call. Worried you don’t have one? Spoiler alert: You do! And we’ll help you learn how to hear it.

  • How to Answer the Call in manageable chunks of time. It doesn’t mean you have to pack your suitcase and head to a month-long meditation retreat. You can Answer the Call anywhere, at any time.

  • How to set manageable goals. Small changes can lead to big changes!

  • How to stop worrying about everyone else. You already know the amount of time and energy it takes trying to please other people or wondering what they’ll think of the changes you’re making. We’ll talk about how to start turning the tide so you open up more space for a more meaningful life and career.

Ready to Answer the Call in 2019?

Join us for this FREE webinar on Thursday, January 17 at 1:00 pm EST.

Let 2019 be the year you leap.