10 things I love about...

My newsletter this month contains a challenge. 10 things you love about yourself. It's related to a previous post of mine about seeing yourself in third person. Taking a step back to see yourself as a person you know well and care about (which I hope that you do).

Seeing yourself in third person allows you to appreciate what makes you unique. What you bring to the world, and to the people in your life. It helps you to see what you need, and give it to yourself, as you would for a good friend.

You are your oldest and dearest friend, after all.

The more you see yourself, the more you can love yourself.

And that helps you love others more openly and generously, because you're not waiting for them to give you what you can give yourself. That leaves you open to be delighted by what they give you.

So, this challenge is a chance for each of us to love ourselves more. We deserve it, and everyone can benefit from it.

I asked readers to write their own lists, so I am too. Here goes...

10 things I love about myself

  1. The freckle-inside-a-freckle on my left foot.
  2. I have no sense of time.
  3. I make up words and silly songs.
  4. I take myself on 'me' dates.
  5. I giggle with glee when I get to stay in bed all day.
  6. I have learned to love surprises.
  7. I cannot hide my excitement. Even my eyes change color.
  8. I love my plants. I introduce visitors to them, and when Adelaide (my umbrella tree) has a new growth, I take it as a sign that something good is about to happen.
  9. I have a tender heart, and love deeply.
  10. Simple pleasures make me enormously happy - playing on the swings, puffy clouds, wandering in a new place.


What do you love about yourself? Tell me your 10 things!