13 ways to put yourself first

You are in control of your wellness destiny.

Your finances, your relationships, your self-esteem, your career, your fitness all start with your mind.

For DC Fit Week, we asked a variety of people to contribute posts, from dating coaches to yogis, in order to show the variety of ways you can take care of yourself everyday.

Below is the full list of contributions to the MIND section that I organized:

1. I think I can, I think I can. "I think...I can. What I think is possible, is possible."

2. Let Love Rule. "Loving with your arms wide open is one of the healthiest activities you may ever pursue."

3. Be Early...Always. "When one is early, it shows desire...of wanting it."

4. Committing and Recommitting to Self-care as a Business Sustaining Practice. "Self-care is the only path to building a sustainable, nourishing business." 

5. Stop. Breathe. Reboot. "There are many quick, enjoyable ways to reboot throughout the day."

6. An Entrepreneur's Dilemma. "I'm abandoning my comfort zone."

7. Healing Relationships with Others and Yourself. "There is a reason some relationships are more difficult than others to heal or release."

8. Relaxation = Productivity. "We fuel ourselves with coffee and cupcakes. And still, we insist that we don't have time to take an hour to relax, because there is too much to do."

9. The Road Not Taken. "I give all of myself to something even when everyone else tells me to cut my losses."

10. Happy People are Sexy People. "Looking sexy doesn't always lead to feeling good. But feeling good always leads to looking sexy."

11. What Matters in Dating. "Have an awesome life that you love to live."

12. Live your Life your Way. Really. "Let how you live your life be your life practice. Donuts and all."

13. Fitness Makes Me a Better Husband, Father and Public Servant. "That daily feeling of good old-fashioned American grit keeps me motivated to stick to my new lifestyle."

Please tell us what you think! Are we missing a topic? Do you want to know more?

This series will continue on DC Fit Week and Simply Leap, and we want it to be an inspiration and a reminder to you to start and keep going.

We're all on this path together. Thanks for being here.


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