Apartment Guru: Need help with a peeping tom or the dream girl next door?

Simply Leap's Lauree Ostrofsky is a featured expert in rentedspaces' Apartment Guru. Recent stories:

Make a Move on the Dream Girl Next Door? A reader is interested in his neighbor and not sure how to proceed.

"Ostrofsky suggests that you mix a little manliness into your "girl talk," which, let's face it, is kind of what you're having with her when she comes over to talk about dudes.

'He needs to make eye contact and be decisive in his words,' she adds. 'If you wanted a job, is this how you would act?'...

Ostrofsky coaches, 'If you want something, you need to exude the confidence that you can handle the situation, whether it's a relationship or a job, and know your stuff.'"

Peeping Tom Prevention For a question about neighbors who share a balcony, and how to keep one from seeing the other when the dog comes over on their side:

"Life coach Lauree Ostrofsky at Simply Leap says, 'My first thought about the neighbor is ... does he ever `entertain?' If so, that's a great segue into the conversation.'"