Chocolate-wrapped hugs

I started a new job this week. I'm still very much coaching and writing, in fact making great headway in both of those areas (details coming soon!), and as I passed a family-run chocolate shop in town the other day, I saw their "Seasonal Help Wanted" sign.

Without another thought, I walked inside and applied on the spot.

Three days later, the owner said:

"We already hired someone, but after you left the shop our manager called me to say that I had to hire you too. She had a good feeling about you."

It's mutual to be sure.

Now I'm learning how to weigh and package their hand-dipped homemade chocolates, and greeting customers as they walk in. Giant smiles on all of our faces.

Hairnet selfie!

What better place to be during the holiday season?

I am excited about Black Friday!

Stay tuned for more adventures in chocolate-wrapped hugging...

And please please please keep hugging in your world, in the best way you know how. It makes a difference. We need you more than ever.