Give big


It all comes back to Maya. Nearly a year ago Ms. Angelou stared back at me from the TV and said:

[box type="none"]You have to give. Give what you have to give.[/box]

I couldn't say no. More than that, I realized how much I wanted to say yes. How long I'd been waiting for the opportunity to give what I have to give.

I wanted to generously give love, and to have it received. I just needed a push.

That's when I went on my first hug tour to show the people in my life that I care about them, and in the process encouraged others to hug #likeyoumeanit.

What happened next changed the story of my life. Giving has a way of allowing you to receive. Big.

Last year, I loved more than I've ever loved before. I gave it freely. Who knew that I would receive love in return more than I could possibly imagine?

I'm ready again.

It's time to give big.

I wrote recently about my goal this year to be More Happy. I want to make more money, have more opportunities, be surprised and delighted more...all while keeping one simple idea in mind. The more I have, the more I have to share.

From last year, I already know that the more I share the more I receive in return. What other proof do I need?

In the spirit of giving fully and generously what I have to give, I am donating $1000 next week. 


I like the idea so much, that I may do again next month. And every month after that.

I want to write that check. I want to hand it to someone I believe in who is doing work that I believe in.

More than that, I want to share what I have, knowing that the more I share, the more I will have. More love, more happy, more of what makes life great.

You have something special to share and people in your life who want to receive it.

Give what you have to give. Big.