Good Girl's Guide to Living in Sin

For women ready to move in with their boyfriends, this book is for you: The Good Girl's Guide to Living in Sin by Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer. It combines real stories of 20- and 30-something women and insight from experts like Lauree Ostrofsky about having your first fight, decorating (his stuff stays), talking to your families, dividing household chores and more. On staying true to yourself:

'There are two support systems that you need when you are in a relationship,' says Lauree Ostrofsky, a life coach in New York City who specializes in helping women make important life decisions. 'First there is the support system you establish as a couple, with friends you choose together...and others who are supportive of you as a couple. Then there is that support system that belongs to you as an individual, made up of your family and friends. Both are really important...I mean they are of equal importance.'