Hitting the road

After the last few weeks purgifying my parents' house (thanks Stacey Viera for coining that term) and reconnecting with friends in New York, I'm embarking on a new adventure. This one involves you, I hope.

Simply Leap is going On The Road!

August will find me in Washington, DC; Madison, WI; and Denver, CO with stops continuing in September and October.

This trip is my leap. A chance to be inspired, and to share my story in hopes of helping others make the most of the moments when their lives take an unexpected turn.

This trip is also about Your leap.

If you feel on the cusp of something new and don't know yet what it is or how you'll get there, our conversation could be just what you need.

With that in mind, the theme for this adventure is Meet, Connect & Grow.

In each city, I want to meet great people doing great things to talk about what's possible for both of us.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, let's grab a coffee and see what happens.

I believe that the best way for each of us to grow is together.

Dreaming big together, supporting each other, and celebrating how much we each accomplish. This trip is a chance to bring more of that into my life, and I hope spark something amazing in yours too.

Please join me...


August 1-10, 2013:  Washington, DC

August 11-16:  Driving through farmland in Plainview, Glencoe & Melrose, MN

August 17-22:  Madison, WI

August 20:  Book reading in Reedsburg, WI

August 26-27:  In person coaching sessions in Denver, CO

August 26:  Book reading at Regis University in Denver, CO

August 29-30:  Quick hello again in Washington, DC

(Not in one of these cities? A phone chat is totally possible too.)


Do you want to dream big together? Get on my schedule!

I'm excited for this adventure, and for what it means for both of us.