It's in the way you walk

Since moving back to New York City in 2006, I often explore my neighborhood, or one of the parks nearby. Not until a few months ago though did I know how to make the most out of it.

This fall I learned about a Pilgrim Walk. Not sure where the name comes from—maybe the early settlers in America striking it out on their own in uncharted territory.

No matter. It's simple and really worked for me.

Two weeks ago we had a particularly mild winter day. I bundled up and decided to follow the sun through Central Park. I cleared my mind and left the headphones at home. As I stepped through the threshold I started thinking about a question I was wrestling with—What inspires me?—in effort to bring more of that into my life. Then, I just started to walk.

I walked wherever I was drawn, sometimes turning around after I caught sight of something that called me. I didn't think about where I was going, what time it was, or what anything meant.

And what about my question? On this walk I happened to bring my camera to capture what inspired me that day—here are the results. (up until 'mum' is from my walk, the rest are on the same theme from the past year) Textures and patterns jumped out at me, and looking at them now I can see how these images relate to who I am. I love to shine a light on a subtlety, on something that we might normally pass without a second thought, to reveal its beauty and timelessness. It's the way I coach my clients and how I interact with the objects in my home.

It wasn't until this walk that I could articulate this. Now I try to make it part of each day.