"I started listening to my heart"

  This Friday Client Story once made the biggest to-do list on the biggest Post-It notepad I've ever seen, and proceeded to check everything off of it.

"Oh, I can do that," she'd say when faced with a new challenge. She proved that big time.

On our first call, she asked that I hold her feet to the fire to keep her on track and accountable. She wanted to leave her successful job at a major food company on the West coast, and build her business coaching women in their 20's to create meaningful careers. She knew what she wanted, and had the website, social media, business cards in place.

She was ready, with her sights set and her energy up, but it still wasn't happening.

Or it wasn't happening fast enough, and she didn't know what else to do. Each day she wasn't making progress and had to return to her day job, made her feel more stuck about how she'd ever get out.

As we continued to speak on that first call, it became clearer what she really wanted.

"I am so hard on myself."

"I am too inside my own head."

And then:

"I want to share what I have."

She wanted to help people. It felt good to make a difference, and to know that what she did mattered to the clients she was helping.

So that's where we put our attention.

In our time together she still crossed an impressive number of items off her list: leaving her corporate job, her business flourishing, finishing her MBA, planning a full-day event and giving the keynote, and literally climbing a mountain in Oregon.

Client story 2/12

What helped her along the way was slowing down.

Celebrating milestones and moments as they happened. (Finger snaps, sparkles, and dance parties!) Giving herself credit for what she accomplished before taking on anything else. Trusting her instincts. Knowing her own resilience. Believing that she is courageous.

About our work she says, "You got me to bring my fears out to the open so that they didn't seem as scary as they were in my head."

"Working with you was the push I needed to start listening to my heart and start shaking things up. Without you, I don't think I could have made such fast progress on what I wanted to do and I would probably still feel very stuck and murky."

I hope that her story helps you listen to your heart, too.

Wishing you the happiest, heart-filled Valentine's Day weekend.

Please take some of the love you are putting out into the world, and give it generously to yourself. You deserve it.

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