Live like-you-mean-it

  You are.

I can tell because you told me so.

People are gravitating toward the hug tour, not for the t-shirts, or even necessarily the hugs. It's for the message: Hug Like You Mean It.

The more people commit to hugging, the more they want that like-you-mean-it mentality to spill over into the rest of their lives.

What if you could live your life the way you hug the people you love? With that same intention, conviction and follow-through. 

Living your life like-you-mean-it (on Twitter #likeyoumeanit) is a simple concept with amazing potential.

First, the concept. Like-you-mean-it offers each of us the opportunity to live our lives wide awake. Thoughtful in our choices, deliberate in our actions.

That means consciously choosing what you eat, drink, when you go to bed, what you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning. It means being true to yourself. It means standing by your values.

It means telling the truth.

Like-you-mean-it affects the little choices you make all day. If you have that second cup of coffee. It also affects the big ones.

"If I'm doing this, then I'm really doing it."

I know for sure that if you put thought into the choices you make, and act with purpose, your life will change.

Your relationships will serve you better. Many of the people you care about will step up to meet your commitment. Others will fall away and over time you'll appreciate why.

You will like your life better. After all, if you consciously choose, your life will soon be filled with only things you like to do and people you like to be with.

All of that said, living your life is not the same as hugging. This won't always be easy. 

What it will be is worthwhile.

Ultimately you will be happier. And what's more, you'll have help. There are a lot of us who believe in like-you-mean-it and want to bring it into our lives.

We also need moral support. I know I do! So when you commit to living like-you-mean-it (and I hope you will), please commit to support the people around you who are doing it too. We need each other.

It's time for the big yes, and you're ready.

What does Living Like-You-Mean-It mean to you?