Love Fest Friday

It's nearly the weekend, and a long one at that! Before then, would you do me a favor?

Tell someone you love them. Show them.

There are enough heart-wrenching stories in the news. What about Love in our real lives?

There are people who make a difference in your life every day. They show what it means to be a good parent, friend, human being. They show you kindness when you need it most. They listen. They remind you how strong, beautiful, talented you are. (You are by the way, they are right.)

Love them back. LoveFest

Today marks the start of a new series, #LoveFestFriday. What shape it will take is still forming, but here's what I know right now - every week I will look forward to Friday for a new reason. Because I get to share how I feel with you, people I care about. We may not have met yet, but we are connected in this big beautiful web of a world we live in. That is more than enough.

A few years ago I launched GiveBig, and for six awesome months I gave something of myself that I knew could make an impact. One month I gave away $1000, another a full day of my time. I'm thinking of bringing back the 20-minute pep talks I offered back then. Stay tuned for next Friday when I open up my calendar.

For now, I hope you'll join me in telling people you love them. I'd love to hear about who they are, and why you care so much. What is the difference they made in your life? Why are you a better person for knowing them? Please share your stories by commenting here, and on Facebook.



Who do you love, and what do you love about them?

Please share love and tag it ‪#‎LoveFestFriday‬



Much love and appreciation to you for all that you are to the people in your lives. Thank you.