My artistic purpose

Organic. Large. Up close. Whimsical.

These are the words my most recent art professor had for my work—the Pepper Period I call it. What can I say? I enjoy getting into the personal space of an object or person, showing the personality I see inside and telling their stories.

The green chili peppers, with curling limbs and bright, friendly green skin spoke to me. They wanted to explore; I felt I was capturing the adventure much more than placing props.

I feel that way about all of my best work—being able to observe, tell what it was like at that moment to someone who wasn’t there. Maybe it was the journalism classes in college or my natural, quiet curiosity about the world, the eternal “WHY?” My pieces answer this question for me and challenge me to embrace another object, one that’s recognizable yet often taken for granted.

Even a simple, rounded edge or dark corner has a great deal to say and in a world bombarded by 24-7 news programs and information access from every blinking, beeping thing around you—not to mention in New York City, the center of everything high speed—embracing the quiet moments even inanimate objects have in our presence, is my way of slowing down the world to my pace and still being an active participant. Admirer.

So where is this going? I’ve taken my time getting to this place, developing my talent bit by bit, surrounding myself with creativity in any form I could find—at work, in the kitchen, in a good book, or on a walk.

Now to the next challenge of putting myself out there and putting my work out there for it to speak to other people. I think there are more of us self-helpers out there looking to make bold, thoughtful, un-intrusive statements and who want to remember how to listen, to remember one moment in time.

I think we can form our own support group and host a coming out party at the same time. I’m willing to give it a chance…are you?