My next leap

Entrepreneurs: if you want your own business, or want more for the one you have, I'm your gal.

I love the excitement inherent in going solo and am ready to roll up my sleeves to help you build success your way.

I'll admit, though, it's easier said than done.

As an entrepreneur myself, I've spent years biding my time to commit fully to running my own business. Up until now I was a dabbler. Not anymore.

For my new blog series, My Next Leap, I'm asking you to share what it's like for YOU to be on the cusp of change. At the point when you haven't figured everything out yet, but you know that now is the right time. If that's you, tell me!

I know firsthand what it's like to be excited and squeamish all at once.

In December I ended my PR consulting work with Baker Communications Group to try my hand at Simply Leap-ing full-time.

How's that going? It really depends on the day.

Yesterday I spent on the floor with blank sheets of paper and magic markers brainstorming my mission and strategies for Simply Leap, and who are my ideal customers. Good day.

The day before, I was worried about all of this quiet time I'm having and if I'm not working hard enough.

Owning your own business means working at all hours, right? Gosh I hope not. If so, I'm doomed.

You can guess what kind of day that was.

Here's what I know is true:

    • This is one of those "I'm scared & doing it anyway" moments when I can't let fear define what comes next. (If so, it's back to corporate America for me.)Among my currents fears is: making enough to pay rent. And my answer:To get the career and life that I want, I need to take fear by the hand and walk through the door.
    • Like everything else in my life, it gets to work my way. Just as my clothes and home don't need to look like anyone else's to be comfortable to me, so does my business get to come together in a way that feels natural.

That's why I went into business for myself in the first place.

Even though it isn't clear what will happen with my business, the fact that I'm afraid means that I'm on the right track. I'm pushing my own boundaries in effort to be successful on my terms.

And that means I'm well on my way.

I hope my experience helps you to step outside your comfort zone, to recognize that fear can sometimes be an ally rather than a hindrance.

We're in this together. If we, as entrepreneurs and individuals, admit when we're scared and admit we don't have all the answers, real opportunities pop up everywhere.

I hope you're taking a leap this year too. If so, I would love to include your story in the My Next Leap series. Contact me to be included.