My Next Leap: Just do it


Just do it.

Three simple words that can confound the best of us. My Next Leap is to take a partnership offer at Vantage Risk Management (VRM), a firm started last year.

Whoa, partnership for a 23 year-old straight out of college?!

Can I handle the pressure, the expectations and the responsibility? Never have I been this excited and fearful at the same time. It is a scary concept to roll around but there's NO question that I am taking this leap.

By Andrew Huynh.

Why am I so confident in taking the leap? Why am I going to be shifting some of my time to a new endeavor when my financial services practice is successful? The first reason is the challenge and, of course, the monetary benefits.

Equally important to me is the vision and passion of the other partners. I have never worked with such a strong and passionate team. I have no question in their abilities and tenaciousness.

BUT can I match them? Without question, I can.

I have a strong belief in my abilities. It's neither cockiness nor arrogance; it's a self-confidence we must all have in ourselves.

  • Change your vernacular. I no longer use could, maybe, or might. Well, this could happen. Maybe I'll sign that client. Well, this might happen. Wouldn't it be great if...? IF you want to be successful, you need to change that mindset. It is now. This will happen; I will sign that client; when this deal goes through... Positive thinking is the first step in achieving your goals.
  • Create a board of advisors. It shouldn't just be family and best friends.  My board consists of a mentor at work, my brother, and two friends. They all have diverse careers, backgrounds, and thought processes. Most importantly, they are my devil's advocates. They will troubleshoot any problem I bring to them and help me reach my OWN decision.
  • Fast forward 5 years. How will I know if this decision was the right one? An obvious factor is monetary success, oh yea and that Porsche Turbo. Most importantly, I will not have to constantly worry or stress over money. My money will be working for me and not the other way around. I will continue to wake up in the morning and not have a problem starting my day. Even now I view my financial services practice as a career, not a job and know VRM is too.

In Numbers 13: 26-31 the Bible talks about the Israelites scouting out the Promised Land; it "flowed with milk and honey." Yet when one of them suggested they go for it, others became fearful, and made up lies to discourage the idea. They ended up wandering the desert for 40 years.

When an opportunity presents itself, don't stand in your own way.

Don't let the reflection in the mirror, your fears and insecurities, hold you back. Trust your instincts and trust your board of advisors.

Find your land of milk and honey. Just do it!