My Next Leap: listen to your heart


Who leaves an almost 100% secure job to work for themselves? I do!

Yes, that is my leap. I will resign from my "comfy" job to work on my consulting business full-time.

By Monyelle Mingo with Monyelle's Marketing.

Self-employment is not for everyone. My energy thrives in that type of environment.

Oddly, my biggest concern is not if I will be successful, but if I will be able to achieve my goal by the deadline I have given myself (yes, there is a deadline. I am a perfectionist). I am so excited to start, to implement my ideas, and to enjoy my successes and tribulations.

Like most of the country, I am still paying for my "higher education" (and will be for a while). In addition, I like having health insurance, thus would like to be able to afford to keep it. I know how much it will cost to maintain my life style and have a clear financial goal that I have to reach and establish a way to maintain in order to leap.

To get to this place of comfort and acceptance of my leap, I have done a lot of soul searching.

I had to ask myself over and over what I want out of life, how I would obtain it, and what was currently in my life that was holding me back from achieving it.

Along that path, I have found an amazing woman who has helped me create my first program of 2011, My Time to Market, a program designed to help solopreneurs, home business owners, and small business owners write and implement their social media marketing plan.

I have reached a point in my life where I have finally accepted that I cannot be who everyone else wants me to be.

I have to make Monyelle happy. I often do not fit into the box, so it should be of no surprise that what will make me content also does not fit into the box.

Preparing for my leap has also taught me what really makes me scared and more importantly how to face the fears.

Had I given up or settled on my journey, I might not have ever realized what truly brings joy to my days.

My advice to anyone who is looking for a change or simply not happy with their life is to listen to your heart. It is very cliché' and we hear it all the time.

The key is that our typical reaction is to hit the snooze button with a temporary fix or to ignore it all together. Your heart, being, soul, speaks to you every day.

Take the time to listen. It knows you better than you think.

Happy Leaping!

Take care, Monyelle