One year ago today

Where were you one year ago today? Judging by my calendar, October 19, 2011 was an ordinary day amid a busy, not-so-ordinary month.

I had a couple calls, did some writing, worked on an upcoming speech. Your average Wednesday.

Looking further, I see that I was in New York the weekend before visiting family, and that the weekend after I would attend a conference where I met a new client, and made four new friends. I see how my coaching business was really ramping up, that work would increase in intensity through Thanksgiving and my personal life would intensify during those weeks too.

The more I look, it's really hard to see that one day by itself, to not see how it fit into what happened before and after.

How a networking event I attended the night before prepared me to talk about my business at the conference days later, and ultimately sign that new client. It seemed surprisingly effortless, and I see now how I was ready for it.

I also see how I told a friend back then that I wanted us to be there for each other. Little did I realize how much he would need me two weeks later when his health took an unexpected turn.

It makes me think about today. October 19, 2012.

It may be an ordinary Friday. I'll be writing again, and working on an upcoming speech.

Where will this day fit into the larger picture of what came before and after it? How will this day look one year from now?

How will yours?

Today is an opportunity.

First, it's an opportunity to be fully present as the day unfolds.

Next, it allows you to see this one day for where it fits into your past. See what came before that makes this day possible. What you learned yesterday, or last week, that affects your choices today.

Finally, you get to see how this day is a step toward your future.

Whether tomorrow is ordinary or extraordinary, somehow you'll be more ready for it than you were before. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

As you go through today, take a look back one year ago. Where were you? Who were you?

And, who will you be today and tomorrow?

I'd love to hear about your life one year ago. Please share your stories!