Only one session

  Today's Friday Client Story is about building confidence and changing your mindset.

Kate is a talented therapist and coach who was preparing for a presentation to 18 mental health clinicians in New York City last year. She said:

"I love working with small groups and individuals, but large groups and especially large groups of professionals intimidate me!"


The best she could muster was a grin-and-bear-it approach. This presentation wasn't going to be easy. She probably wouldn't like it, but it was necessary. It was a good opportunity. She had created this event with a partner and was going to see it through.

We spoke the day before her presentation for last-minute tips. By the time we signed onto Skype she had already memorized most of her speaking points so she wouldn't need notes.

Kate didn't need more tips. She knew what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. Instead she needed a new approach -- she needed to believe that she had valuable information to share, that she was a capable and poised speaker -- that she could be good at this.

She IS good at this. Here's what I received from her the very next day:Kate story

"Wow I can't believe the feedback I got from [attendees].... I literally have done EVERYTHING I could in the past to avoid presentations because of this fear and in ONE session you got me through it!!!!"


What changed in our hour together was her recognizing that she could speak Her Way. She could use notes if she wanted. She could pause when she needed to. She could be nervous (she could even admit it openly!) and use that honesty to connect with everyone else in the room.

Since that presentation last summer, she has been interviewed, spoken to more groups, and recorded videos to share with clients. She really IS poised and knowledgeable with valuable insight to share. She was these things all along.

Being your most genuine and unique self is a powerful place to be.


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