I was touched by a letter I received today from a friend who's in Kenya helping refugees gain asylum. Her latest note said:

[box type="none"]I do hope that you are all living each day…really living… loving… laughing… crying… experiencing all of the joy, frustration, heartache and fulfillment that make our lives what they are… ours to live in whichever way we so desire...[/box]

I was drafting my coaching newsletter when her email arrived—the topic is letting go of everything we think we 'should' do in our lives out of guilt or obligation.

This email was from someone unencumbered by little things like whether to attend a summer barbecue. She's living every day and making a difference every day.

Makes me reassess how I'm filling my days. There are so many more things I want to do if I just take the leap. Friends like her are a good reminder that I'm the only thing standing in my way.