Power of Choice Guided Conversation

Guided conversations are two hours and designed for groups of six or more. These are ideal as a team-building exercise for the office, to set the mood for a weekend retreat, or to liven up an at-home get-together, such as a book club. You set the date, and together we come up with a topic to get everyone talking. Then on the day-of you sit back and participate while I lead the group.  

Sample Topic: The Power of Choice

You don't always have control over what happens in life.

Sometimes it can feel like you have no control at all.

No matter what though, you always have a choice.

You get to choose what you think about what's happening, how you treat yourself, and what you do about it.

During this two-hour guided conversation, we'll look at what's happening in your life right now, and use it to design what you want in the future:  work you love, fulfilling relationships, a committed writing practice, healthy living, or even a little slice of freedom from all of the roles you play.

Together, we'll find the right answers for you.

By the end, you'll have a clear plan and feel more at ease about where you're headed.

Questions we explore:

  • What's possible from where you are now?
  • How can the past help you succeed?
  • What do you need in order to take the next step?

Chances are that you already are successful. But, there's one sticking point. One thing getting in your way.

This could be just what you need. A fresh perspective and a supportive environment of like-minded women.



What: Power of Choice guided conversation When/where: Two hours on a date and at a location of your choosing

Contact me to plan a date.