Reinventing stay-at-home

I had to share this article on called: "No kids, no job for growing number of wives." I'm impressed at reporter Sarah Jio's middle-of-the-road approach of what could be a contentious topic. Married women choosing homemaking, with or without children.

What attracted me to the story was that I am at home most weekdays. Though I'm working on two businesses while there, I often feel the need to defend myself to others. Yes, I work hard. No, I'm not eating bon-bons (though if some were in the house, I would).

To consult and coach out of a home office was a conscious choice. I think I defend the decision because it goes against my perception of what others think I should be doing. Pretty convoluted.

This article is about women choosing to do what they want, and who have found partners who support their choice. I've done the same and love it. So forget the apologies, let's celebrate!