Reverse celebrity sighting

Or, the "I guess I'm not really hiding" edition. Thank you for the great responses to Wednesday's post, Why are you hiding?

Knowing I have company under the covers feels comforting and encouraging to take one step, any step, toward the promised land of #6. (Hope you feel that way, too.)

Not long after, my day took an unexpectedly awesome turn.

The post was only a few hours old when I went to Sixth & I in DC to attend a book signing and Q&A with bestselling author, Susan Cain.

Her book, Quiet, is one of my all-time favorites. It is a primer on how introverts and extroverts can build mutual respect in relationships, at work and as parents.

As an introvert who has battled more than my fair share of moments when I thought I had to be loud in order to be heard, her research resonates big time. I'm probably not the only one, since at the event she said that from one third to one half of all of us are introverts, though many walk around pretending otherwise.

Standing in line to have my well-worn book signed, someone came around to write our first names on sticky notes if we wanted the author to personalize her signature.

When it was my turn, Susan smiled as she took the book from my hands, and opened it to the title page where the sticky note had been placed.

Then she looked up and said, "You're Lauree Ostrofsky, right?"

I almost fell over.

A New York Times bestselling author whose TED talk has been viewed three million times recognized me from my tweets about her book, though she'd never responded to any of them.

"You look just like your photo [on Twitter]," she said.

Holy. Moly.

Before this exchange I'd thoughtfully prepared what I'd say while she was signing my book. That I would tell her how I was using this event as research for when I launch my own book tour in a couple months. How much I'd learned from how she carried herself with the audience, and interacted with each of us in line.

As soon as she said that all thoughts left my brain. I think my actual response was, "Yes, I get that a lot."

Truthfully, I do get recognized by the photo on my Twitter profile. It's strange when I'm not expecting it, and baffling when I'm absolutely not expecting it.

We spoke for a couple more minutes about my book and about her living near my hometown in upstate New York, and then I walked away elated and stunned.

When I could collect myself, I texted and called a bunch of friends to tell the tale. This was too good not to share.

At some point in the excitement it hit me that if I want to be a bestselling author, I need to act like one.

Bestselling authors are recognized by other bestselling authors.

Welcome to #6. It feels fantastic.

What strange and wonderful things are happening for you? I want company here, too!