Advice on serendipity from my dad

Over dinner last night my dad shared perhaps his best advice ever:

"Life is full of serendipity if your eyes are open to see it."

It made me think about you, us, leaping in our lives. How much easier it gets when we allow for help when we need it the most...things falling into place...being in the right place at the right time.

Two mornings ago, a turkey crossed the road in front of my car at a full-on sprint. I slowed down, laughing and pointing, convinced that the day would be better because of our chance meeting. It was. I ran into my sixth grade teacher and a neighbor, hugged two good friends, and met someone I've known on social media for eight years but had never met in person before. I made all of those things happen, sure, because I got out of bed that morning...and because I kept looking for happy connections that were being made on my behalf.

We take every step in our journeys, that doesn't change. We still have to be out there, doing what we can from where we are. It's true too that on some days opportunities seem more effortless than on others.

No matter what though, when you take the steps right in front of you, the universe (friends, loved ones and serendipity) conspires on your behalf to pave the way.

Sprinting turkeys and sixth grade teachers included.

I believe that with my whole heart, and dinner last night was a reminder of where I may have gotten it from.

How has serendipity played a role in your leaps?