What grade would you give yourself for 2019?

Last week amid the holiday and summer fun, we hit the midway point of 2019. Like the A-student I am, my first thought was: what grade would I get if this were the midterm review?

What grade would you give yourself?

If you’re not sure, consider how you started this year, and how you’ve grown personally and professionally so far.

Notice I didn’t say "list what you did” because that’s a slippery slope of judgment even if you’ve marked off a lot of to-do's already. Our lives are about learning, so look for that first.

Remember too that midterms give you plenty of time to re-engage with your goals and set new ones.

Along those lines, in this oldie but goodie post I walk through simple activities to help you take stock and plan ahead for the rest of the year. These are easy enough to fit in with the rest on your plate, vacation included.

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It’ll be fun!

I’m positive you deserve an A for effort. :)