Did you freak out about August?

Newsletters flooded my inbox yesterday with subject lines like, "It's August! Get ready!"

Suddenly it felt like the summer was over and I better get it together. That maybe I was already behind. Later when I walked into a Target displaying Back to School signs, my heart beat even faster. 

Did you feel it too?

Most of us still have vacations this month, but the calendar shifting seems to have shifted something else too. It's like we're grieving the end of the freedom and fun of this season before the end is actually here. 

What to do about August

  1. Chill out.
    Take a breath. Ignore those newsletters. Stop the inevitable conversations that start with a sigh about the days getting shorter again. You have time. At the very least, you have this moment (60 seconds feels like a lot when you watch a clock) and why spend it worrying when you can look up at the sunshine. 
  2. Take control.
    Remember that YOU choose what you think about and talk about, so choose well for yourself. One of my all-time favorite rules for living is, "Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper." Most of us first heard it back in third grade, and it still works now. Whatever everyone else is doing is their thing. Some people like to freak out and be busy and grieve before it's really over. You don't have to.
  3. Make a plan.
    If the August pressure is weighing on you, set a date when you'll focus on it so you can enjoy quality time with loved ones in the meantime. When the date comes, make a list of what really needs to happen this month. It might be less than you think.

This is about permission.

Deciding what you want your August to look and feel like. Enjoying it fully, reveling in it, and trusting there is plenty of time. Because there is.

Trust also that you know what's good for you and what's really important. Because you do.

I believe in you, and your August. 


Are you working all-the-time?

Do you forget to shower or have lunch because it’s not clear where your workday ends and real life begins?

When that happens, you’re never getting the break you know you need in order to do your best.

But, you may be thinking, there is so much to do. Everyone needs something, email never stops, and you like the feeling of being productive and available.

It’s a cycle many of us believe we thrive in. I’ve heard more than a few executives, business owners, and freelancers pride themselves on working all the time. As if this is what it means to be successful.

What better week to create more personal freedom and reinvent our work lives than when many of us are celebrating our independence?

Check out my quick tip for doing just that in my latest column at Unstuck.com