Today is all that matters

My friend David Hicks and I witnessed a horrific accident yesterday on our three-hour drive into the mountains to lead a writing retreat in Salida, CO.

Across the highway median on I-70, a tractor trailer barreled down the shoulder, a cloud of dust kicked up all around it, and rammed into an overpass at full speed. The resulting fireball engulfing it and a line of cars patiently idling in rush-hour traffic. 

As we drove past from the opposite direction, David and I looked at each other and back at the scene in shock yelling, “holy shit,” over and over. 

What else is there to say while witnessing an unknown number of lives forever changing in an instant?

What else do you do? 

A day later, these words by the poet Rudy Francisco seem the best answer to me. 


Carve out joy.

Hug every human with your words, thoughts and actions.

Smile so big and laugh so loud in every mundane moment of this precious life.


Who needs a hug?

I feel utterly bombarded. How about you? 

I can't look on Twitter or Facebook, in the news, or on TV without seeing hate and feeling lost, sad, angry, overwhelmed. Last night I asked my private community what they needed in order to feel more ready to face another Monday morning and the overwhelming response was HUGS. 

Of course. That's what is needed. Warmth wrapped around you, holding you, reminding you you're going to be alright, that we have each other.  

I'm sending you a giant hug right now. Close your eyes, take a breath and take in the love coming to you. 

I believe there is as much LOVE in the world as hate, we just need to turn our attention there. We need to see the love around us. The people who are generously giving their time, money, energy, ideas in service of others, and the people who show simple human kindness as you go about a normal day.

You don't have to quit your job, or become complacent with politics, in order to give and receive LOVE. It's here always. 

Hugs, after all, are little acts, a thank-you, holding open a door, sharing a smile with a stranger. See those moments in your life and make more happen. Buy someone coffee and hug a loved one tighter than you did the last time you met.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. There's also something easy to do about it. 

This HUG is for you. It's from Jeanie who, with her husband Gene, runs a soup kitchen in Virginia and gives some of the best hugs I've ever received. They hug anyone who walks through the door on Friday mornings. I can still feel this one, and had to share. 

I hope you can feel it, too. xoxo