The perfect storm of gratitude

The northeast of the U.S. was turned upside down last week. Even with the warnings from weather forecasters, there was no way to prepare for the devastation that many parts of New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere along the coast have seen from Hurricane Sandy. And almost immediately, social media became a modern day phone chain. People I know from all areas of my life were checking in on Facebook and Twitter:  who had power, who needed help, who was scared, who had news they needed to share.

What I've seen the most?  Gratitude.

People are bear hugging all over the place.

In the midst of fear and uncertainty, our worlds become smaller, and more important. Being without power, water, shelter meant relying on neighbors, banding together, checking in on people you care about, extending a helping hand.

More than that, it meant looking around your own life and saying it could be worse.

Look at how much I have. I'm so thankful.

Yes, yes, yes!

It being November, the month of Thanksgiving in the U.S., many people have begun "30 Days of Thanks" where each day they post publicly, or privately journal, about something they are thankful for. It can be small and sweet, or what has made a huge impact.

Whatever it is, it is worth acknowledging.

I'm inspired by what others are doing, and want to join in.

Yesterday, on Day 4, I was thankful for when my parents call me Sweetie. It always makes me smile.

Today, Day 5, I'm thankful for writing. Being able to express myself brings me satisfaction, allows me to connect with others, and helps me make sense of things. I'm hugely grateful for it.

Your turn. What are you thankful for right now?