This time will be different

Hear that? It's the sound of our collective gears making the switch from getting away from it all to coming back know... School. Work. Reality.

Before September gets underway and your mind returns to autopilot, ask yourself:

What am I going back to?

There is no reason why returning to your job, even from one day to the next, means you have to return to how things used to be. Each time you get into your car, or walk into your office is a new chance to do things differently.

If you are ready for what's next but it hasn't presented itself yet...and in the meantime you have to be where you are...I have two assignments for you.

Big Leaps, like the one you are on the cusp of, are a culmination of tiny ones that you make to get there, including the mindset you have about your situation right now.

What you think is possible, and what you do about it in the next 24 hours, matter more than you may realize. In fact, they are all that matter.

Do you think you'll be stuck here forever, or that this is the best you can do? Then prepare yourself, it's going to happen.

Instead, I'm asking you to believe that where you are is a stepping stone toward something new, better.

Keep your eyes, ears and mind open for magic, because chances are that in your inbox next week will be a new opportunity. Perhaps something you would not have noticed before, but once you start paying attention will make perfect sense.

It will be proof of how you're making headway towards your goal, getting more and more ready for its eventuality. It's almost here. Or, maybe it IS here!

The power is in your hands, and your mind.

We tackled the mind first -- your belief will change how you see your situation, and then will change your situation. It is true for every client I have ever worked with.

Next up, your hands. Your actions.

If you're going Back to Something...maybe even tomorrow morning...make it better than it has been before.

Do it up!

Bring a bouquet of flowers with you, and a new brand of coffee. Take the phone call you might have sent to voicemail. Drive a different way to work. Tell someone you respect what you're looking for and see what happens.

See this as a step forward, because it is. Expect that possibility is in every interaction. Look out for things too perfectly timed and made for you to be mere coincidences, and then Go For Them.

When you do that, amazing things happen.

You may never go back the same way again.