To be or not to be a mother

At a certain age and after being married a few years, the inevitable question seems to be on everyone's lips: "Are you going to have kids?"

Sometimes, I really hate that question. I have this faint sense that at some point children will come into the picture, but right now, and in the forseeable future, being married and having my own business seems like more than enough. I'm really happy.

Mulling over the decision becomes infinitely more difficult when other people start weighing in. I don't think I need to apologize or explain myself, yet that's not always how I feel.

For how natural the subject of motherhood is, talking about it—even among women—is not easy. Whether you're trying, having trouble or deciding not to try at all, we're pretty mum about the whole thing. You'd think, as women, we'd be able to support each other through all of these stages.

With that in mind, my friend Sheila and I designed a six-week series for women to talk through every part of this important decision in a supportive environment. More information is here.

I hope you'll join us!