Life has a way of reminding you what's really important. What happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday was beyond words. A day of celebration turned into horror.

I woke up this morning drained.

Today was supposed to be another celebration. It is the day my book becomes available on

The book, I'm scared & doing it anyway, is available. I am so proud of it.

If you pre-ordered, it will ship today. Thank you for that and I hope the story brings you inspiration.

If you want to endorse the book, I would appreciate kind words to your communities on social media and in your real life. Buy an extra book for someone you care about. Remind others that they can be afraid and find courage to go after their dreams.

My book is about sharing love unabashedly, and it seems a good day for that.

If celebrating isn't feeling right to you though, I understand completely. I have another suggestion in mind.

Today is also Take-Care-Tuesday.

I created that concept over a year ago to remind us all to be conscious about our choices if not every day, than at least one day each week.

Slow down. Pay attention to what you tell yourself, and how you treat yourself today.

You're important to me, and to many others. Taking care of yourself fills you up to be your full self. The you we love the most.

That can mean a long walk, or shutting down email while you think through a new idea. It can mean pouring a glass of wine at 5:30pm.

You know what is best for you, and Take-Care-Tuesday is a chance to do just that. Remember how well you know yourself, and make the choice that feels right to you.

Whatever you do today, know that I'm right there with you. Cheering you on, holding your hand...and always, always listening.

What feels right for you today?