Welcome to Simply Leap!

I'm excited to introduce my new life coaching brand: Simply Leap. It has been months in the making—building a web presence that is both professional and playful. Two sides to me and to our clients and readers. The name implies a simple act to go after what you want. It can be a huge step into the unknown. "I know I want this so I'm just going after it."

Simply Leap though also refers to subtle shifts you make in your perspective to create room for opportunity. The About page says it all.

We help clients express themselves more fully, so the site had to be its own expression of me and the people who work for it. Please take a look around and tell us what you think! We hope you'll feel compelled tell someone about it.

* A special thank you to Steven Loring at buddhagraphics for his unending expertise and patience. Simply Leap wouldn't be here without him.