What can you do today?

I'm glad you asked. During a workshop I attended last weekend with the poet, David Whyte, he asked us to consider: "How can you become the ancestor of your future happiness? Become your own saint, so that years from now your Future Self will return on a pilgrimage to thank you."

Judging by the furious scribbling around the room, he struck a chord.

I like the thought of each of us building a statue in our honor, so that in the future we can come back to this spot to celebrate when the rest of our life began.

I'm picturing pure white light casting on smooth marble - my statue has fairy wings and holds a cupcake - and the carved plaques underneath proclaim the prized moments of our personal histories.

You have had some of those moments already.


In the past, you made a choice that dramatically affected what came next.


You opened a door, or closed another, to a college, a job, a city, a relationship and because of that decision other parts of your life clicked into place. It's hard to imagine where you'd be without it.

Moving to Washington, DC in August 2009 was one of my pivotal moments. By walking through that door, so many others opened. I met some of my best friends. I started hugging. I gave my first speech. I wrote a book. Moving to a new city allowed me to reinvent my life with the freedom to choose what and who I brought into it.

As you're carving the plaque in your past self's honor, be specific about the choice you made. Try this:

"In celebration of [date] when [your name] decided to [your choice]. As a result, [what happened]. I am forever grateful." 

Build that statue to your past self, and remember the forever grateful part.

I'm proud of you. You be proud of you, too!

That leads us back to a decision you're facing right now.

Every day, you get to make choices. Just as you celebrate the pivotal ones that you made in the past, your future self could be proud of what you choose today.


If you knew that in the future you would celebrate what you decide right now, what would you do?


Incidentally, this is not meant to add pressure to you getting this "right."

Open a door trusting that it will lead you in fulfilling, fantastic directions that you have yet to realize are possible.

What are you waiting for??? Do it!!!


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