Work is the fun you get paid for

Imagine that. Getting paid for doing what you love. I'm inspired by people who love what they do. Case in point: Global Business School Network. I had the pleasure of meeting with them last week to discuss communication strategies to attract members and corporate leaders.

This group has a tremendous amount of energy and drive to strengthen business education in emerging markets. It is palpable how much each person believes that what they are doing is making a difference. Talk about job satisfaction.

So how do you get paid for doing what you love?

First things first, what do you like to do? Right now, jot down a list for yourself. Keep writing for at least a minute without editing or re-reading your answers.

Some of mine: writing; photography; travel; food (especially dishes I've never had and in countries/restaurants where I've never been before); talking to people who are motivated, creative and interested in self improvement... I could go on.

Second, consider that both of these statements are true for you.

  • I can be paid for what I love to do.
  • I might not know yet how it will happen, or what the work will look like. I will know it when the right work appears.

These are helpful to repeat out loud to yourself, and daily. You have to believe that this is possible for the opportunities to arise—and for you to notice when they do.

Who knew that I would get paid to write a blog and that my photography would grace the pages of my business—where I get to talk to motivated, creative self-discoverers every day?

Third, beware of road blocks. The ones you bring on yourself—like judging what you want is less important than what someone else does—and the ones put in your way, like unemployment.

No matter what they are, remember that you always have a choice what you do about them. For example, I turned illness into inspiration.

Tonight has all the makings for more inspiration. This time of the girl-power variety. I'm attending a reading by Irene Levine for her new book, Best Friends Forever. Afterwards she's hosting a cocktail reception in celebration of friends we bring with us, and new friends made at the event.

This kind of party can only be organized by someone who loves what she does, and wants to share it with others.

Are you ready to be happy?