Your 60-day challenge starts today

60 days from today is 2014. Which doesn't mean that you have to buy more wrapping paper, no matter what retailers try to convince you. It means...

You have 60 WHOLE DAYS to make something happen this year.

That's plenty of time to achieve a major goal without scrambling or losing focus.

Now, what to make happen?

My answer came from rummaging around a desk drawer.

Hidden underneath a pile of receipts and client folders, I bumped into a list of my new year's resolutions.

My theme for this year is Ease. It means I trust the decisions I make, and don't rush when the answer isn't clear yet.

It also means I have an easy and fulfilling relationship with my finances. (In other words, I'm not supposed to be freaking out, as I was while rummaging.)

As I looked at my resolutions, anything related to finances stood out. So, I zeroed in on just those for my 60-day plan. Then I created steps for each, taking into account people I know who can help me.

Here is my plan in a nutshell.



  • Change how I feel about my financial picture.



  • Remind myself daily how being at ease and secure financially adds to my overall ease.
  • Create a Money Love Story (thanks DailyWorth).
  • Meet with four experts to better organize and manage my small business finances.
  • Schedule automatic transfers to my savings account to occur every month.
  • Balance my checkbook by hand, including debit charges, to make saving and spending conscious choices.


Now it's your turn.

Your 60-day challenge starts today.


1) Choose 1-2 goals that you feel drawn to making happen.

If you use your new year's resolutions for inspiration like I did, keep in mind that we are not making up for lost time. Where do you most want to see a shift?

2) Do you want to feel accomplished, or well on your way?

Before beginning, it's important to know if you want to finish something, or make measurable progress in these 60 days. For instance, I will have a life-long relationship with finances so my steps include changing my long-term mindset, along with immediate actions.

3) Identify small steps toward each goal.

Keep your list of steps short and include ones you can check off right away. (The automatic transfer to my savings will happen this afternoon.) More steps may come but for now, like my overhauled to-do / TODAY list, you need to see that this is possible and there is a way through.

4) A helpful hand makes all the difference.

Sometimes the best way to accomplish a goal is by having someone else do it! Notice how many meetings I scheduled? Consider if there are others who can help with aspects that seem daunting - with cheerleading, accountability, or expert advice. That counts as achieving your goal just as much as figuring it out yourself. And it could be an even sweeter win.


Who's with me on this 60-day challenge?

Please share your goal, and the steps you're taking. We can do it!