Ready for your next leap? Pull up a chair! 

What do you really, really want to do?

It can be tough to choose from all of the ideas swirling in your head. Where do you start?

First things first, you are not alone.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients who aren’t sure how to get started and who are afraid they may “get it wrong” to take brave, TANGIBLE steps toward meaningful work and financial security.

Yes — it’s possible to do what you LOVE and be PAID for it!

Taking those first steps are easier when we do it together.

Our friends and family, while supportive, don't always understand and so it means even more to speak with likeminded fellow leapers who are scared and doing it anyway too.  

What else is going to get you there? Accountability. 

You don't want to look back in another one...two...five...years and find yourself in the same place you are now.

You may already know steps to take, but if you haven't taken them yet or aren't doing it consistently, you can get distracted, overwhelmed and stuck where you are. If we're doing it together, you'll keep going.    

Introducing Simply Leap Career Clarity & Community!

This program combines the structure you crave with an intimate group leaping alongside you. I’ll lead you week-by-week through activities used by my most successful clients through the years, and help you apply them in your life. You'll share with each other, people who understand how you feel and believe in what you're doing.

career clarity & community.png

You receive:

  • Likeminded women with you for every step

  • Eight weekly assignments based on the lessons in my guide to leaping: SIMPLY LEAP

  • Eight weekly 90-minute VIDEO sessions to discuss your progress and receive answers to your specific questions

  • Tangible steps you can fit into your schedule which make a noticeable difference right away

  • A private Facebook community to share updates, and receive feedback and moral support

  • Recordings of every session and worksheets to track how far you've come and refer back to often

  • Accountability throughout to keep you motivated, energized and focused

BONUS: Two additional 90-minute video sessions in the two months after to make sure you stay on track. That means we'll leap together for FOUR MONTHS!

BONUS BONUS: I'm with you the whole time. Future iterations of this program may involve you learning more on your own with check-ins from me here and there. This time, you receive my personal attention. Me believing in you, rallying everyone around you, and guiding you past roadblocks in the way. 

Make an investment in your future happiness — in work and in life!

You've stepped outside your comfort zone before and are learning to embrace that about yourself. This program will help you see the path you're on, how previous leaps are leading you to the one you're making now. You're ready. It's exciting, scary and fun -- and we're doing it together.

Timing: Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET from February 6 - March 27, plus April 10 and May 8, 2019

Pricing: $1595, or four installments of $425

Join this supportive, STRUCTURED program to figure out your leap and finally go for it.


Frequently asked questions:

1) I’m worried about the cost! How can I pay for a program when I’m still trying to get this business off the ground?
I hear you. Email me and we’ll discuss your business and how to make this work.  

2) Have you ever worked with someone who didn't see any results?
The short answer is no. Every client I've ever worked with has seen positive results, usually more than either of us could imagine was possible. In fact in reviewing our coaching experience, one client said, "I never imagined it could work out this way. I braced myself for the bumpiest time of my life and it was the opposite. You helped me change my life."

The clients that see the most results, put in the most effort in getting really clear on their goal, believing what they want is possible, and taking (even small) steady steps. That's all it takes to succeed at this program.    

3) Am I good fit?
If you're asking that question, you probably are. Honestly. That question shows you want to do well, you want to make a change, and you want to work within the community that is coming together for this. The exact qualities that make for a successful client and a welcome addition to our Career Clarity circle.

4) What if I need to miss a call during the program?  
Group coaching works best when every participant commits fully to being there for each other. In other words, we'll miss you! That said, some times schedules conflict. You're allowed to miss one of the series of eight weekly calls. If you need to miss one, you'll receive the recording and be expected to keep up with assignments and contribute to our online discussion.  


Learn more & apply to this special program. 

Coreena D'Alessandro, founder of Cor Pendant

Career Clarity really turned things around for me. My confidence is growing. I feel excitement and energy again—like when I began the journey with my business. I love that we are women doing different things and at different stages of our lives, yet we have so much in common. The group provided support as well as accountability in an extremely non-judgmental way. It's grounding for me! I’m very excited about the things I have in the works and feel I have just begun.

Regina Jacobson, maker of Meaty Mugs

Every aspect of my life has or is changing. I feel amazing. 

This program made me feel confident to do anything. It was the strength of these ladies, so smart and inspiring. The consistency of the calls. I was motivated to work harder, reach in and make changes and feel excited to hear what others were doing every week. I don't have any doubt anymore and I know I'm not alone.

Cori 2.jpg

Cori Lewis

Career Clarity & Community is helping me apply lessons in a more focused way. I like the regular check-ins with real people. The interactions the calls provide, allowing each person to share and receive feedback help with my accountability. Telling you all what I plan to do helps me actually do it.

I've learned how much fear I have over changing career paths. The steps I'm taking now are going to lead me somewhere and not knowing exactly where is ok because I will figure it out. I've also learned how important it is to have a network of support. It's been great having a group of women I can turn to for encouragement and positivity.

Sara Ramos.jpg

Sara Ramos

I feel pretty excellent. I have great momentum and see a path forward. I'm also coming up with new ideas for the first time in a long time and actually believe I can act on them if I want to.

Thank you. It's special to have people in your corner. Lauree is an excellent rock and cheerleader. I appreciate it very much.


Monique Hernandez

The benefits of this program have been tremendous! It's really interesting to hear about the journeys and challenges of other women. The community has meant a source of support and emotional intelligence that I can tap into. It gives me alternative view points and a window into how others choose to live their lives (marriage, kids, career, personal goals). To me, the recordings of our calls will be the greatest resource going forward.

Want to be part of this special program?