Ready for a change?

You’re a people pleaser, hard worker, responsible friend. You pay your bills on time and floss like you’re supposed to. You give an extra squeeze when you hug (I love that about you). 

Just because you can keep climbing and striving — and be good at it — doesn’t mean you want to anymore. You deserve a life and career you love. 

If only you knew what you wanted to do next. It’s frustrating to be ready for a change and not know how to get there. Together, let’s figure it out. 


What you receive: 

My clients have moved cross-country and overseas, published books, been promoted, taken sabbaticals, spoken in front of thousands of people, and built businesses they had been dreaming about for years.

After our conversations, you will...

  • Feel less anxious, and trust your instincts more.

  • Know better what you want, and feel more confident talking about it.

  • Wake up in the morning ready, excited, focused.

No longer will you spin your wheels trying to figure this out on your own. You will be amazed by what happens once we begin: opportunities falling into place even better than you could imagine. There may also be impromptu dance parties...

Get started with an Easy Video Exercise used by my most successful clients through the years
to figure out what you do best and how to make that your next career leap — even your own business. 


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Okeoma Morono Schreiner
As someone with big dreams who has literally been stuck for YEARS because of incomprehensible fear, and struggling to take action, I think I was finally ready to hear this message. I really appreciate Lauree holding my feet to the fire.

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Boosaba Tantisunthorn
I considered making a career move for a year but hadn’t done any focused work to make that happen. I would do small things, but didn’t have a real strategy. I realized: if I wanted to make a change, I needed to go all in. As professionals with active social and family lives, we often continue to do what is working, but may not make the changes we need to take that next big step. By working with Lauree, you dedicate focused time to your reflection and improvement — with someone coaching, supporting, and cheering you on along the way.

Cori Lewis

I feel stronger than I did before. More confident in myself; being able to stand up and speak for myself. I have more energy. More patience.

Carrie Blustin

Lauree gained the immediate trust of our clients, creating an engaging presentation our conference attendees are still talking about six months later, and quickly and enthusiastically adapting to feedback and project needs. And, she’s a lot of fun to work with!

Jen Gregory

Life changing. Clarifying. Motivating.
Everyone on the planet would live a better, happier, more satisfying life if they had a coach like Lauree.

Stephanie Vessely

The best evidence of our work together is when people tell me I’m different now — happier, more positive and more focused.

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Paula Smith
Working with Lauree has been an adrenaline cocktail filled with inspiration, turbo fuel, insight, discovery, heart & bubbles & sparkles. 

Quintin Mecke

Lauree helps people discover within themselves what they want, what they do best and that they already have the desire and courage to do it. Working with her, I was better able to navigate my own tendencies to be hard on myself. We focused on my strengths / what I do well rather than on what I don’t do well.

Nailah Blades Wylie

Working with Lauree was the push I needed to listen to my heart and start shaking things up. Without her, I don't think I could have made such fast progress on what I wanted to do and I would probably still feel very stuck and murky.

Kate Crocco

I hired Lauree to help me with my presentation skills. I love working with small groups and individuals, but large groups intimidate me! Well I just finished presenting a workshop in NYC to 18 mental health clinicians, and wow I can’t believe the feedback I got from them… I literally have done EVERYTHING I could in the past to avoid presentations because of this fear and ONE session with Lauree got me through it!!!!

Sherri Anne Green

For the launch of our mentoring program, we wanted a speaker who would guide our new mentor/mentee matches. Lauree gave us so much more. She offered a fresh perspective and ideas for both the program and the kick-off event. Our participants had a great road map. They left energized, inspired, and ready to start the mentoring process.