Cookie cutter solutions work great on cookies.
Your life and work deserve better.

Homepage-Lauree-photoYou’re scared & doing it anyway, and you have company.

Looking for a new challenge?

I can help.

Clients come to me when they feel done with their current career. Life feels stagnant in a way that it hasn’t before. They want to be excited to get started each day, knowing that their best skills are being tapped. Their creative problem solving. Their strategic vision.

And they want to know that what they do matters.

The only problem is that they don’t have that direction, yet.

It can feel debilitating to know you’re ready for something new, and have no idea what that is, or where to look.

That’s what we figure out, together.

I help clients navigate career and life transitions. Through our sessions, you will come away with a clear picture of where you’re headed. You’ll see opportunities in front of you, coming to you, and know which ones to choose.

You’ll hone your instincts, and feel confident about the direction you’re heading, at work and in life.


If that sounds good to you, let’s get started.