Hug Like You Mean It

The #HugTour Movement began in April 2011 with inspiration from Maya Angelou to "give what you have to give." I decided to show my loved ones how much I care, and in the process have encouraged a growing community of others to do the same. 

As adults we can be apprehensive, or just preoccupied, about displaying our true emotions. 

When you see a loved one, take a moment to feel how important they are to you and then show them with your own brand of hugging; a tight squeeze, a gentle touch on their arm, kind words, or by really listening.   

A hug is a simple way to share love.

So far, #HugTour has been featured on WUSA9 in Washington, DCHuffington Post’s Good News, The Washington Examiner and The Washington Post. There are #HugTour ambassadors in at least 15 states, several countries, and more are signing on all of the time. 

This isn’t about hugging strangers. It’s about unabashedly loving the people in our lives. Tag #HugTour on social media when you're hugging your loved ones. Add your photo to our growing Hug Wall. Whatever you do, do it with love.