This valentine hug is for you

Remember when Valentine's Day was covered in red construction paper with chocolate splotched fingerprints and magic marker words?

If you're lucky, maybe one of those is on your refrigerator right now. 

Remember back to when those were your fingerprint splotches? How excited you were. How proud. How much unabashed love you had to share.

Seven years ago I started sharing written hugs with loved ones, and loved ones of loved ones. You need to know how well thought of, dreamed about, admired, respected and cherished you are by the people in your life. 

Let this valentine hug be a loving reminder of that.   

You are loved. Big time.

Sharing some of this year's valentines sent to friends and family to inspire you to get out there and HUG like you mean it in words, construction paper and with your arms wrapped tightly around us. We all need it.

Hugging you from over here. xoxo


Worried you'll get it wrong?

Ever worry you'll make the wrong choice?

Disappoint the people whose opinions matter most?

Regret...everything...and be unable to do anything about it? 

It's impossible.

Every step you take brings you closer to your goals, crosses paths with someone who can help, and makes you smarter & braver than you were before. And sometimes all of this comes from what seems like a "wrong turn" that sends you in the opposite direction you meant to go.

At this point in the new year you probably hit a couple milestones toward the big goals you set for yourself - if so, congratulations! You probably also bumped up against roadblocks and naysayers and inner critics telling you to back off. It's too soon. You're not ready. You set the bar too high and might fail so embarrassingly you'll never be able to recover. 

I can't be the only one hearing those! 

It's what be scared & doing it anyway is all about. 

No matter what those voices in your head and people in your life are saying, keep going. You're on the right track; something worthwhile will come from your consistent (albeit fear-filled) effort. 

Very likely the result will be more amazing than you ever imagined.

Let's go after your big goal together!

Surrounded by an intimate circle of women from around the country being scared & doing it anyway together. Building incredible businesses that serve their communities, support their families, and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Career Clarity & Community for Women in Business will begin on Monday, February 5 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern and help you bravely leap for FOUR whole months. Videos, worksheets, accountability and support from others right where you are. 

Only three spots are left. Is one of them yours?