There's talking about it, and there's doing something about it

There is so much talk about what's not working right now, it's really starting to bug me. The wall, the Russians, What Happened and now a growing disaster in Houston. 

While traveling in Europe this summer, even when the headlines were in a foreign language, I recognized the angry orange guy the articles were about.  

Here's the thing. If you're talking about what's going on in the world right now, it may feel like you're getting somewhere. You're letting it out. You're letting people know.

All the likes on Twitter and Facebook can make you feel like it's progress, but it isn't helping solve the problem as much as doing something about it.

Now for the sake of us introverts who would rather get a colonoscopy than be at a rally, there are solid things you can do other than shout in public surrounded by a crowd. Lots of credit to those of you who have taken to the streets, and I hope you are doing more in the days after your marching. Lots of credit too to the journalists out there, keep doing what you do. 

Going back to the woman who inspired my #HugTour movement six years ago, Maya Angelou, "You have to give what you have to give."

Do YOUR thing. 

Some ideas to get you started:

And then tell everyone about it so they can too.

If those are hard to do, ask yourself: "What feels right to me? What can I give?" Then do it.

Buddhist leaders Thich Nhat Hanh and The Dalai Lama believe meditation puts that calming energy into our environment, helping the people around you as much as it helps you. I've seen how a smile can change the room I'm in and conversations I'm having, why can't breathing deeply and approaching difficult moments with peace do the same thing?

I'm meditating more and thinking about all of you when I do. 

I'm also thinking about you when I send emails, when we get on the phone together, when we hug and with the words I use when I speak to strangers.  

Do something about how you feel. We're better for it when you do. 

One last thing -- your career relates to this too. You can wish to be more appreciated by colleagues or for a better salary, but doing something about it will actually make things better. You'll get more confidence, power, control. You also get valued, respected, paid well. 

The fall is approaching fast around here, and so while you're doing something about our political and environmental situations, make good choices about your job too.

I'm here to help.


You better get this right

You have only one job to do this week.

Warning, it may be treacherous, fraught with second-guessing, guilt, disappointment, and sudden, uncontrollable overwhelm. No matter. You're gonna have to do it anyway.

What's more, it's good for you.  

I'm talking about receiving.

Most of us will be the lucky recipients of at least one gift this week, from homemade cookies and heart-felt holiday wishes to packages tied up with shiny red bows.

Judging by the looks on the people's faces I've seen so far, there's a lot more tied up with those packages too: Your thoughts on the giver, their opinions of you, your worry about what you gave (or didn't give) them, and the history of your entire relationship. Holy moly.

That's why I'm here with a friendly reminder.

All of this - ALL OF THIS - is about love.

Everything you think this is about truly doesn't matter. Don't get me wrong, it may feel like it does and your feelings are important, but this season of giving is about receiving. 

This is about you receiving love.     

I'm not asking you to do this for everything you get:


But I am asking you to see the person, every person, in front of you as someone sharing love With You in the best way they know how. Every person is telling and showing you how special you are to them, and no matter who they are or what's happened in the past...

You're getting love, damnit! You better accept it!

Another thing. I bet you are so good at giving.

We A-student strivers tend to focus on what we send out into the world, and may not realize we are denying the people in our lives the same joy we feel when we give by not taking time to see what they have for us. It can feel new, awkward, uncomfortable, selfish to get a gift -- gasp, even if you have nothing for them in return -- and really receive it.

That's what I'm asking you to do. Big girl and boy pants time. See and feel the love others have for you, and Take It In. Look them in the eyes, say thank you, and mean it.   

If you need a little more assistance, I've written about receiving before. Here are two oldie-but-goodie blog posts for your reading pleasure. 

Please accept this compliment

Getting what you want is about receiving

Receiving is also basically the whole first chapter of my new book, SIMPLY LEAPGrab your copy here, on Amazon or Kindle. 

Wishing you, and all the people who love you the best way they know how, a happy and healthy holiday season. 

You deserve it!