Book party recap & CONTEST!

Last week's launch of my new book, SIMPLY LEAP, was magical, and I look forward to more readings and signings...and you being part of them. A party is always more fun with friends!

Speaking of, this is one of my favorite photos from the book party in upstate New York. You can safely say we were both enjoying the crap out of this moment! 

Credit: eva Deitch photography

Credit: eva Deitch photography

More photos from the party are on my Facebook page. While you're there, check out the video recap from my online book reading and the photo of what happened when I was coaxed (very easily) to take the biggest bite out of a real-life version of the SIMPLY LEAP book cover cupcake. 

And now for the contest... 

Someone you love needs to hear the words: "I believe in you."

The stories throughout my new book -- the "sweetest, most loving kick in the ass you'll ever get" as one reviewer put it -- are reminders that big change is possible.

Many readers have reached out about someone they care about, who has been talking about their dream for a while now, and how they've searched for the right words to encourage them. 

2017 could be the year when they make their goal a reality, and this passage from the first chapter could help you both:

This is about Simply Leaping, which means you allowing it to be simple. Allowing yourself to have what you want, allowing your life to look the way you dreamed, and allowing people to respect and love you for yourself. Not because you worked hard, but because you deserved it all along. You're fantastic. This means believing you're fantastic; life tends to treat you how you treat yourself.

I want you and your friend to know how fantastic you are, and how worthy you are of making your dreams come true in 2017! 


  1. Who do you know who is SIMPLY LEAP-ing in 2017? 
  2. Post below in comments, or email me, to share why you believe in their leap.
  3. Make sure you include your friend's email address so I can tell them they've won!
  4. I'll choose my THREE favorite entries. If yours wins, your friend will receive a signed copy of SIMPLY LEAP and a free 20-minute pep talk with me over the phone in January so they know how much we both believe in them! 
  5. DEADLINE: Midnight Eastern on Saturday, December 24. Yes, Christmas Eve!

You have one week to share your stories and give your favorite friends the ultimate encouragement to start the new year! Start right now with a comment below and enter as many times with as many stories as you wish. You can enter with your own story, too. 

I'm excited to support more leaps around the world -- with your help! 

[ And if you can't wait and want to buy them the book now, go for it! ]