24 Hours Not Enough?

Are 24 hours in a day not enough to worry about everything you have going on, and complete any of it?

If so, try being a kid again.

When you were a toddler, life was pretty sweet. You were surrounded by any number of interesting things to play with—kitchen cabinets, toys, your thumb.

You may have spent only five minutes with any of these, but during that time you gave it every ounce of your attention. When you were done, you moved on without regret.

It can be that straightforward now, too...

For one morning, try living life like a toddler.

  • Turn off anything that beeps or rings for at least 20 minutes.
  • Choose one item on your list and focus all of your attention for that time.
  • When 20 minutes are over, give yourself a mental treat: get up out of your seat, stretch, check messages.
  • Repeat.

After a few turns as a toddler, what did you notice? What, if anything, changed about your concentration?