But what if it doesn't work?

Fear is pesky and can show up in seemingly rational questions like, “But what if it doesn’t work?”

As if it’s possible to guarantee success before putting yourself out there.

A-students like us can get trapped wanting to know something will work before we try it. I’ve said before how much I love being graded, but only wanted to do something if I could guarantee the A. Otherwise why bother.

The only way any of us is succeeding is by doing.

And doing those things again and again so customers, readers and colleagues know we’re serious and can count on us. Then they buy, read, share, promote, trust you.

So when the “but…” questions arise, let these words from We Are Awe help you keep moving.


As I tell all my clients considering something new:

Start. Then do it for a full week, then a month.

The guarantee your fear is looking for comes in the doing consistently and courageously. Only then will you know if it works, or if something even better presents itself.

I believe in you.

The only people you need to impress

Caught in the mental loop of comparison?

It happens to the best of us. What starts innocently with liking pet photos posted by friends moments later becomes obsessing about thigh gap and self-worth.

You’ve heard it before — don’t compare yourself to anyone else — but this image by Mari Andrew refocuses our attention.

If you’re gonna worry about what people think, focus on these two.


The younger and older versions of yourself decide your life has been worthwhile.

You’ve been a good person, tried your best, made a difference, loved fully, laughed openly, and given with all your heart. If these two are satisfied, you should be too.

What makes your 5-year-old and 85-year-old selves proud?

What do they boast to their friends about you? Share in comments below.

Surprising, isn’t it, what’s important to them and what doesn’t matter at all. Or maybe it makes perfect sense, because they see who you are beneath the surface and beyond today’s to-do list.

They see and love the real you. I hope they think you’re as fantastic as I do.