A message to every client I've ever worked with

It wasn't long ago when...  

You liked the safe, easy, comfortable life you had chosen for yourself.

And yet, you had this inkling-excitement-trepidation about what you'd love even more.

You came to me unsure of how to turn the feeling into a reality, but ready to figure it out.

You learned to climb over roadblocks that had been in the way for who knows how long.

You surprised yourself. Remember?

You dug in deeper after that, encouraged, curious, and discovered who you were meant to be.

You realized that our work was about so much more than what you imagined.

You said, "You'll never believe what just happened," when what once was only a faint hope showed up as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

You thought if that can happen, anything can.

You saw opportunities everywhere after that, and when even bigger ones arrived you wondered: Are you sure these are meant for me?

You noticed a new/old voice inside of you answer, "Yes," quietly at first and then a little bolder the next time, and then suddenly it was pulling the rest of you right out of your comfort zone.


The original leap we made together may be a distant memory for you, because even more has happened since.

No matter how long ago or for how long we worked together, I remember those leaps. It was pretty incredible, and I want you to know something.



Im proud of you



It's been an honor to witness you create a life beyond either of our imaginations.

I can't begin to describe the smile on my face when you've called and emailed with those words, "You'll never guess what just happened." I have jumped up and down as much as you have, sometimes more, because I've seen your hard work and stayed with you when you weren't sure if what you wanted was possible. When I slow you down to celebrate your achievements, it's for both of us, I admit it.

Even more than all of this, please know:

You inspire me every day.

Keep going, superstar.