Are you a time aficionado?

As I was making my lunch today, I opened a spice container and thought:  I love the smell of Thyme. Recently, there was an article in Inc Magazine by Jason Fried about how laziness can help your business grow. In other words, we make things harder than they need to be. Being yourself, taking on only what is simple and straightforward—this breeds success.

That's true about time too. It's our choice whether we make time a friend or an enemy.

How often have you said:  I don't have enough time. I bet saying that makes you more frazzled than if you hadn't. 

What if, instead, we all loved time like we love thyme. Each minute cherished for its uniqueness and possibility. People often say that time is precious, here's our chance to act like it.

Maybe then I wouldn't have driven through a red light a couple weeks ago, causing the City of New York to send me a lovely photo of my car in the intersection with a $50 fine attached.

Seems like the city, along with everything else, is telling me to take it down a notch.

And they're right—thyme, Jason Fried, New York City. Rather than thinking of slowing down as being lazy, I'd like to embrace it. To be a time aficionado.

As part of this appreciation of my new friend Time, I'll say things like I have enough time that I don't need to rush.

Better still, I won't overburden Time, like I wouldn't my other friends. Instead I'll say: I'm sorry. I can't do that now. Let's reschedule.

I also plan to spend special moments with Time, where we can sit quietly and look lovingly at each other. Like when I'm sitting in a doctor's office. (Notice that I didn't say waiting room!)

In those moments, I'd normally cram in one more to-do or else worry that I'm not being productive. Now, I'll let the nurse call me whenever she's ready, and take those minutes to notice what's happening around me, both literally in the room and more broadly in my life. Then I'll take deep, relaxing breaths to let it all sink in.

I know I would appreciate that. I hope that Time will too.

How can you be a better friend to Time?