Believe in you (I do)

Imagine if you believed you were as special as everyone says you are. You'd be unstoppable.

I posted this on Facebook and Twitter the other day and received quite a response. Admittedly the greatest impact has been on my own life.

The inspiration for this statement came from a conversation with a friend. When I said it, I included proof of how many of us believe he's amazing—and had said as much even earlier that day. At some point, he had forgotten the compliments and was stuck in self-doubt.

Or, more likely, he wasn't able to hear their praise in the first place, because he didn't already believe it himself.

Sound familiar? It might if you receive a compliment and immediately dismiss it as untrue.

Turns out while I was being a good friend, I was also speaking to myself. Lately I haven't been very good at appreciating the changes I am making in my life, and the positive effect I'm having on the lives of others.

I focus instead on what I'm not doing right and haven't figured out yet. There's a lot. (There I go again.)

A funny thing happened after I uttered this phrase out-loud and online. I started to see how true it was...for me.

In the span of a few days, five different people thanked me for being me. Unprompted. The first couple times I was delighted and downright surprised. After that I got weirded out—was I dying? Where was this coming from?

By the fifth person, I looked back at this statement. Right, where this was coming from was me.

Like you, I'm sitting on immense, untapped potential to do just about anything I set my mind to. All of the tools and knowledge are at my disposal. 

The one thing standing in the way—and ready to help at a moment's notice—is belief in ourselves. The moment you can step forward confidently, everything will change.

When you know you're worth it, opportunities will show up out of nowhere, strangers will smile at you and take notice, and you will begin to move effortlessly through life.

Anyone who's hearing an inner voice say—But that's selfish and conceited—think again. Waiting for other people to believe in you may take a lifetime. When you believe in yourself, suddenly everyone else does too. It's that simple.

Ready? Here's how to begin:

  • This moment, say out-loud one thing you believe is special about you.
  • Tomorrow, say another.
  • Repeat daily.

Want another assignment? Check out my free video and worksheet to help you figure out your next leap. It involves compliments too. 

If you ever need a reminder of how special you are, I'm right here. I believe in you and I'm starting to believe in me too.

Watch out world!