Dating other couples

It's not just for singles anymore. (This is not about swinging.)

In January, I was interviewed by Crain's New York (Subscription required: "Four's company," 1/21/07). The reporter wrote about couples 'dating' other couples to find friends who both individuals get along with and enjoy spending time together. People you choose to double date, and aren't stuck with because only one's a friend or your boss.

Surprisingly, it's a lot like dating other singles—from the anticipation beforehand, to a full review of the evening afterwards. He said; she said; do you think they like us? The whole bit. And this time it's more difficult, because both of you have to agree it's a match. You could hit it off with one person, your significant other could not. And the dreaded...what if they never call?

I overanalyze everything, so dating again just gives me more fodder for countless hours of dissection of what happened over dinner. And who knew my husband, and other couples, did the same thing?