Do you want to be a leader?

The easiest way to be a leader is to be yourself. 

Really, really, really yourself.

This video is pretty much all you need to know about leadership. I watch it a couple times a year to remind myself to focus on doing what I do best as often, unabashedly and consistently as possible, and to forget worrying. About anything.

As Derek Sivers describes in his voiceover, the only other job you have is to take care of the people who "get" what you're doing. Championing them keeps you all on the path. 

It can feel intimating in the beginning. Every re-watch has me cringing. You mean leaders are that bold? I have to believe it feels less uncomfortable when we each are doing what comes naturally to us.

Not everyone is a dancing guy, but you have something special only you can give. If you keep doing that, you'll lead by example. 

Maybe people are already following your lead, looking to you to establish the rhythm. 

Notice what people thank you for, what they do because you did it first. Realize you are already leader and take care of those first followers.

See what they see in you and why they need what you naturally do best. 

And by all means keep doing it!