Feeling down? Meet the October Slump

I was supposed to be drafting my second tip to help you create a Life You Love to come later this week, but I'm putting that aside temporarily for this important bulletin. Sorry about what could be perceived as inbox spam. It can't wait.  

Do you feel like you're failing, alone, and weighed down by life-and-work-suckage?


Nearly everyone I know has been feeling it in the last week or two. For proof I only need to look at five recent texts on my phone that all say something to the effect of, "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. It's hard." Double or triple that number if you count email, private Facebook messages, and in-person conversations.

Downtrodden words from people I usually turn to for their upbeat attitudes.

Why should you apologize to me?

Apologize to yourself! This sucks!

Many of us are feeling low energy, anxious, lonely <-- that word in particular is topping the charts this week. It's hard to lift ourselves out of a slump as quickly as we usually do, as if we are moving through sludge for some reason. 

The reason almost doesn't matter.

Although if you need one, check the weather report. Cooling fall temperatures and diminishing hours of daylight are natural triggers for our bodies to slow the f-down. Yes that "f" was required. I know you get me.

We are animals after all, not robots who live up to the peak performance our jam-packed schedules and mounting deadlines expect of us. (Not to scare you but if you think this is bad, wait until December.)

What's more, and I know this is true for quite a few of us myself included, we are doing big hairy scary things that we haven't done before.

Did you think this would be easy? IMG_9499

Seriously, did you think this would be easy?

I over-caffeinated myself this morning and I'm standing while typing so you're getting that in addition to my normal measured perspective. Reaching you through our mutual slumps might take a megaphone, so here I am.

And like I said, it's too important not to try.

First, all over the northern hemisphere animals are preparing to hibernate. The squirrels in my neighborhood are racing around cuckoo-bananas. Our front yard garden is a gnarly mess of withered vines. Leaves, while gorgeous in the Hudson Valley, are the trees broadcasting a billboard-sized message. We're slowing the f-down, join us!

Yes, another f-bomb. That felt good.

Second, taking on new challenges -- the ones we committed to when we were feeling all peppy from our September buzzes -- are good, worthwhile, and scary as...you know.

It makes us want to burrow into the nearest pile of blankets and not come out until spring. Which is exactly what our bodies want to do right now anyway.

Third, and this is important:


Please be kind to yourself.


This is the worst possible time to judge how you feel, or push yourself harder. Don't do it.

Alternative ideas:

  • Find the nearest pile of blankets, and hide under there for an hour.
  • Do something loving for yourself: massage, pedicure, nap (see above), walk outside (see below), giant mug of hot chocolate, talk to your favorite friend in the whole world.
  • Go to the nearest window or leave your building, and stand in the sun for at least 15 minutes.
  • Take five deep breaths with your eyes closed.
  • Lose your phone for a full evening.
  • Tell someone that you're feeling down, and let them love you.


Have a better idea? Please share it.

You are never, ever alone. Ever.

This sucks, I'm sorry. It'll get better and you'll forget how hard it felt to be where you are now. Keep going and be kind to yourself in the sludge.

I'm here if you need anything.