Friday Client Story

  My clients are career-minded and lovingly introverted.

They like their lives, and enjoy putting in the effort to improve them. They are willing to try new things even if it's uncomfortable. They want to believe that the world is a good place full of good people. In other words, they are all kinds of awesome.

I'd like to introduce you to them.

The new series, Friday Client Story, showcases their transformation in their own words. 


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This Friday Client Story involves a major career change.

She was unfulfilled as a teacher and had been unfulfilled in corporate America before that, because while both had paid her bills neither felt right. She didn't think she knew what she wanted, but the more we spoke the clearer her dream came into focus.

She is meant to be a writer.

She's meant to write in the way every writer knows deep down to their core when they finally let themselves fill up a blank page. The relief, the joy, the hard work that feels worth it.

What was really standing in her way was no knowing how to get there, and even bigger the fear that her dream may never be possible. Not going after it almost felt safer than never getting there.

We hung out with the fear for a while; how heavy it feels when the way to your dream has presented itself yet.

And then she started. She set her alarm early to write before work. She explored the topics she was most drawn to: animals, life stories, and as she put it, "expressing The Truth," that was buried inside of her and inching to the surface.

She and I both could hear it.

She quit her teaching job, and found another that got her a little closer to what she wanted. She sat in front of the blank page more often; she took more classes and surrounded herself with other writers.

That was a while ago.

And now? This client has built a life she loves full of writing, traveling, and the peace of her yoga mat. She's been published in places like Elephant Journal and is getting her M-F-A, those magical letters to so many of us writers. 


About our work together, she says, "You have an amazing ability to get to the 'heart of the matter.' You can sense what I need sometimes before I do, and gracefully lead me there."

"I think the best evidence of our work is when people in my life have told me that I'm different now - happier, more positive and more focused."

I love her a little bit more for quoting Counting Crows, and I loved her a whole lot already.


Stay tuned for more stories from my favorite clients. In the meantime, check out previous #FridayClientStory posts on my Instagram feed, and connect with me while you're there!






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